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My former work at KPN Research

KPN Research (now TNO Telecom) was the research and innovation center of KPN, the major telecommunications company in the Netherlands. KPN logo

Within KPN Research, my work has been in the fields of
  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Hardware and Software Design in Postal Technology,
  • Theory and Modelling of Flexible Logistics Systems and
  • Process Innovation.

I have developed a new way of logistics control: the Service Controlled Agile Logistics (SCAL) system.
I am now applying the principles of SCAL to a new control paradigm for service delivering processes.


Research Interests

  • Process Innovation, Client-Order Controlled Processes
  • Flexibility in Logistics
  • Systems Theory
  • Pattern Recognition and Image Processing



J.T.W. Damen
Service Controlled Agile Logistics
Logistics Information Management, MCB Press, UK, Vol. 14, nr 3, 2001

J.T.W. Damen
Customer Controlled E-Logistics
Proceedings of the E 2000 E-business and E-work Conference, Madrid, Spain, 18-20 October 2000

Zef Damen, Wijnand Derks, Matthijs Duitshof, Henk Ensing
Business-to-business E-commerce in a Logistics Domain
Paper presented at the CAISE*00 Workshop ISDO '00,
Infrastructure for Dynamic Business-to-Business Service Outsourcing,
Stockholm, Sweden, June 5-6, 2000

J.T.W. Damen
Service Controlled Agile Logistics
Paper presented at the 2nd GLORI Conference,
University of North-Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 26-27 September 1999

Willem Jonker, Wim Nijenhuis, Zef Damen, Martin Verwijmeren
Workflow Management Systems and Cross-Organisational Logistics
CEUR-WS-17, Proceedings of the Workshop on Cross-Organisational Workflow Management and Co-ordination,
San Francisco, USA, February 22, 1999

Zef Damen
CrossFlow - Member and co-author of several deliverables,
Cross-Organizational Workflow Support in Virtual Enterprises
ESPRIT Project 28635
September 1998 - September 2000

J.T.W. Damen
Flexible Mail Processing, An application of Integral Postal Engineering
Thesis TU Delft (Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics TRAIL)
KPN Research, 26 April 1994, ISBN 90-72125-40-1

Zef T.W. Damen
Buffer Sorting for Mail Sequencing
Proceedings Jet Poste 93 (Journees Europeennes sur les Technologies Postales), Nantes, France, 14-16 June 1993

J.T.W. Damen
Buffer sorting, a new and flexible way of handling mail
Advanced Technology Conference, Washington DC, USA, 3 November-2 December 1992

J.T.W. Damen
Flexible mail handling system
Postal technology research and development symposium,
Universal Postal Union, Berne, Switzerland, 13 October 1992

J.T.W. Damen
FlexPost, Flexibele Postverwerking
Laboratoriumactiviteiten, PTT Research Jaarboek 1992 (In Dutch)

J.T.W. Damen
Mechanized sorting of mail using the index
C66/86, Postal Engineering, Proceedings of the Institution of
Mechanical Engineers, ImechE 1986-5, London 13-14 May, 1986

H.S. Tan, J.T.W. Damen
Shape Classification based on Dynamic Modelling Procedure
Pattern Recognition in Practice II, editors: E.S. Gelsema and L.N. Kanal
Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. (North-Holland) 1986

J.T.W. Damen
Adresblokselectie bij het automatisch lezen van poststukken
Studieblad PTT, 39e jaargang, nr. 2, februari 1984 (In Dutch)

J.T.W. Damen, H.S. Tan
Generalized Description of Line Structures
Pattern Recognition in Practice I, Amsterdam, 1980

H.S. Tan, J.T.W. Damen
Automatic Pitch Measurement
5th Intern. Conf. Pattern Recognition, Miami Beach, 1-4 Dec. 1980

J.T.W. Damen
A Black/White and Grey Level TV I/O System for the PDP11
Proceedings of the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society,
London, September 1977



Method and device for character segmentation
European Patent Application 0 052 902

Method of detecting a bar code
European Patent Application 0 408 126



1971 Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.) (cum laude)
Technical University Eindhoven
The Netherlands

1994 PhD
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
Thesis: Flexible Mail Processing


Personal Data

Dr. J.T.W. Damen, PhD, MSc

Born: 12 February 1945, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


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