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In the colour pictures, not all LEGO elements are sometimes distinguishable individually.
Next files contain 21 pages with black and white line drawings with all elements visible (zipped, Postscript format).

pages 1 and 2 (Front pages) legoclock0102.zip (8kB)
page 3 (1 - 7a) legoclock03.zip (196kB)
page 4 (7b - 7h) legoclock04.zip (205kB)
page 5 (7i - 7n) legoclock05.zip (396kB)
page 6 (8 - 11b) legoclock06.zip (365kB)
page 7 (11c - 12c) legoclock07.zip (323kB)
page 8 (12d - 12i) legoclock08.zip (231kB)
page 9 (12j - 12n2) legoclock09.zip (353kB)
page 10 (12n2a - 14b) legoclock10.zip (336kB)
page 11 (15a - 16b) legoclock11.zip (219kB)
page 12 (16c - 18) legoclock12.zip (339kB)
page 13 (19a - 19f) legoclock13.zip (207kB)
page 14 (19g - 19l) legoclock14.zip (268kB)
page 15 (19m - 20b1) legoclock15.zip (265kB)
page 16 (20b2 - 21c) legoclock16.zip (279kB)
page 17 (21d - 21i) legoclock17.zip (116kB)
page 18 (21j1 - 21k) legoclock18.zip (337kB)
page 19 (22a - 22h) legoclock19.zip (107kB)
page 20 (22i - 22p) legoclock20.zip (42kB)
page 21 (23) legoclock21.zip (82kB)

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