Maitreya, who is that? (3)

Maitreya's Priorities

The age of Pisces has pushed humanity by a giant step forward, especially man as individual. But it also has led to the decay of the sacrificing idealism, characteristic for Pisces, into fanaticism, dogmatism, nationalism. Individualism shot through into selfish separation and rivalry. It has led the world almost to the abyss. Due to the enormous injustice in world-wide relations (75% of the world population can use only 25% of all the food, 83% of all the resources are usurped by a handful of industrialised countries), we now are living in a world, in which people literally die from hunger by the millions, although food exceeds by 10% the amount needed to feed everyone.

"My brothers", Maitreya says, "how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men?" The problems are huge but can be solved. The solution He proposes is simple: share and save the world. Without sharing there can be no justice; without justice there can be no peace; without peace, this world has no future. He also says: "the crime of separation must be driven from this world". We shall have to change our social, but above all our economical and political structures. At the end of the age of Pisces, man has run into an identity crisis; he knows not who in reality he is. Maitreya has come to tell us the art of Self realisation. Man will realise his divine nature and start to create right human relationships. He will "begin to build a new civilisation such as the world has never seen before".

Day of Declaration

Well, why has Maitreya never shown up in the open, despite of all efforts of Benjamin Creme and a handfull of enthousiasts all over the world during the last twenty five years now? As said, the Masters will never infringe man's free will. They wait upon an invitation from the media acting as the representatives of humanity to come forward and show up before the televisions of the world. Maitreya already has received invitations for an interview from a number of large stations in the USA and Japan. A few times it only was a near thing, but it did not happen. For instance, with the money crisis in Korea, end 1997.

For years now, Maitreya announced the burst of the "bubble", the stock markets of the world, to begin in Japan. When the governments of the world begin to realise they loose their real grip on the economical system, will Maitreya be asked to come forward. Then, "Day of Declaration" will take place. Everybody around the world will see Maitreya on their television screens. But He will speek no word; everybody will hear His message in his head telepathically, in his own language. This even will be felt physically, as if Maitreya embraces everybody personally. Additionally, many thousands of spontaneous healings will occur all over the world. By these three extraordinary happenings, everyone will know that this man and only this man is Maitreya the Christ, the World Teacher for the age of Aquarius.

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