Maitreya, who is that? (2)

Initiation and Discipleship

As soon as a human has become a Master, he is free to leave planet Earth, to continue his evolution on another place, within or outside our solar system. Many Masters however choose to stay and to help from behind the scenes the slower people (us) with our evolution. At the moment, 63 Masters are connected with the human evolution; among them a number of well known names.

Sooner or later a man becomes an initiate; he will be contacted by a Master and then becomes his disciple. The Master stimulates the disciple to all kinds of activities, be it by mental impression or telepathically, in many cases unconscious from the part of the disciple. A very extraordinary manner a Master can work with his disciple is called "mental overshadowing": the Master makes use of the vehicles (physical capacities) of the disciple in full agreement (the free will is holy and the Master will never infringe it), and puts his full consciousness into it. The disciple then acts on the physical plane as if he were the Master.

Time periods

Many old cultures and religions already knew, that human development evolves in larger (and smaller) cycles or time periods. Many are known to us too: day and night, summer and winter, the 11-year cycle of solar activity that appear to influence the seasons. Less known is that rotating earth behaves like a large spinning top, carrying out a precession in relation to the fixed stars. The point of the rising knot moves backwards "through the heavens" and makes one round in about 26000 years; it travels in periods of about 2100 years (26000 / 12 = 2166 2/3) through each of the signs of the zodiac.

Astrologists as well as esotericists did already know this. They assume the law: "everything relates to everything", "as it is above, so is it below", or "everything is One". In mankind's evolution, also periods of about 2000 years are distinguished. The transition of one period into the other is characterised by large crises for mankind, chaotic times. One Master, mostly an advanced one, will then be especially involved in the human evolution; He will become the World Teacher for that time period. Until now, that Master overshadowed one of his disciples, who then was highly capable to show mankind new ways. They have become known as: Hercules, Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Vyasa, Zarathustra, Confucius, Krishna, Shankaracharya, the Buddha, the Christ, Mohammed.

This have been the case with the Buddha, overshadowing prince Gautama, who then became Gautama Buddha. It has been Maitreya the Christ, who overshadowed his disciple Jesus; and Jesus thus became Jesus Christ. With Jesus, the age of Pisces set in. Now, 2000 years later, this period comes to an end again and a new one starts: the age of Aquarius. And again, a new World Teacher will come. No, He is already here! This time in a highly unique way: Maitreya Himself is now present in the flesh, and many Masters with him.

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