Maitreya, who is that? (1)

World Teacher

Maitreya is the World Teacher for the coming age of Aquarius

Although correct, this statement will give no clarity to many people. An old doctrine however, the esoteric doctrine (also called Ageless Wisdom Teachings), gives a remarkebly deep insight in the affairs of humanity, and the role of a World Teacher comes forward very naturally. Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey en Helena Roerich, and for the last 25 years the British artist and esotericist Benjamin Creme have made the knowledge of the esoteric doctrine public again. Benjamin Creme's work is directly related to (the reappearance of) Maitreya.

Maitreya, as He appeared in Nairobi, 11 June 1988

Esoteric Doctrine

According to the esoteric doctrine, every human is a spiritual being. Not the person of flesh and blood is kernel to his existence, but a "Self", existing in a non-material, "spiritual" reality. This Self, an inextricable part of Creation, is not limited by time or space and thus eternal from our viewpoint. But it is not static; all of Creation is characterized by "expansion". (Our language is rather handicapped if expressing concepts from the esoteric doctrine).

The spiritual being, that the Self is, adds to Creation by drenching every area of reality with its spiritual "heritage". On the human level it means, that it makes itself manifest as a person in the physical world. By creating itself a "vehicle" over and over again, it experiences every possible aspect of the physical world: it is incarnating life after life as a human in the every day world. During this long evolutionary journey, that takes literally hundreds of thousands of lives, it not only gains experience, but it makes also manifest very gradually all characteristics of the higher worlds where it "comes from". In our western culture, we call these higher worlds "divine": man is a divine being. And evolution does mean: to express the divine on all levels of reality.

Evolution involves a number of steps, initiations. This proceeds, until man after five initiations, has reached perfect control of every aspect, that on this planet could ever be controlled, and thus has expressed its divinity completely. The necessity to reincarnate again then ceases. That human has become a "Master of Wisdom". Well, Maitreya is such a Master. Or stronger: He is the Master of all the Masters. He was one of a group of people receiving, many thousands of years ago, the very first initiations, and therefore can be regarded as the forerunner, our "Elder Brother". He embodies in a way absolutely perfect to us, mortals, the Christ Principle, the Divine Love.

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