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Many visitors of these crop circle reconstruction pages have asked for better quality, higher resolution pictures of the final crop circle reconstructions. As mentioned in What are crop circle reconstructions?, the reconstruction diagrams are realised using AutoCAD. It is not useful nor desirable to make AutoCAD dwg-files available through the Internet. Most people who are interested do not have access to the AutoCAD program. Furthermore, the dwg-files are far too complex (with many layers for instance) to be useful for a wider public.

But Autodesk (the manufacturer of AutoCAD) has provided for a nice solution: Design Web FormatTM (dwf) files. To use dwf-files, you will need Autodesk's DWF Viewer program (now called: Autodesk Design Review). It can be freely downloaded from the next internet-location: www.autodesk.com/viewers.

Dwf-files (like dwg-files) contain the drawing information in vectorized format, that means, built up from lines (as opposed to rasterized format, as gif- or jpg-files do, built up from picture elements - pixels). Therefore, reproduction of the drawing by means of a printer (or the like) will be at the maximum resolution of that output device!

Once you have downloaded and installed the Autodesk DWF Viewer program, you can view dwf-files easily by means of the web browser, just by double-clicking it. From the web browser, it can be printed with maximum resolution. Don't use the browser's print command, but right-click on the image and print from the pop-up menu instead! From this same menu, you can zoom and pan.

Within the reconstruction pages, dwf-files have now been added close to where the reconstruction is complete. Just open or download it to see the result of the reconstruction at maximum resolution!

*** NEW ***

Starting from the 2014 season, instead of dwf-files, pdf-files (Adobe's Portable Document Files) will be added to the reconstruction pages.

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