Reconstruction of the
Wilton Windmill 22-05-2010 formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Divide the righthand half of the horizontal centerline into eleven equal parts, and mark the divisions.

3. Construct a circle concentric to circle 1, passing through the rightmost mark 2.

4. Construct a circle concentric to circle 1, passing through the leftmost mark 2.

5. Construct the inscribed hexagon (regular six-sided polygon) of circle 4, pointing up.

6. Construct a circle centered at the righthand intersection of circle 4 and the horizontal centerline, tangent to the righthand side of hexagon 5.

7. Copy circle 6 eight times, to the middle eight marks 2.

8. Construct eight pairs of circles, all concentric to circle 1, each tangent at the lefthand and righthand sides of circles 7, as shown. See detail.

9. Copy circle 6 to the righthand intersection of circle 3 and the horizontal centerline.

10. Construct the inscribed dodecagon (regular twelve-sided polygon) of circle 3, pointing to the right.

11. Construct two parallel lines, tangent to circles 6 and 9 at both sides.

12. Repeat step 11 eleven times, relative to the other angular points of dodecagon 10, as shown.

13. Draw two rays of circle 1, inbetween circles 3 and 4, one horizontal to the right, one with an angle of 30° also to the right, as shown.

14. Divide the arc of circle 3 inbetween rays 13 into thirteen equal parts, and draw the twelve rays to the division-points similar to rays 13, as shown.

15. Remove all but the middle four rays 14.

16. Copy rays 15 eleven times, to the other eleven sectors of circle 3, as shown.

17. Circles 1, 3, 4 and 8, and lines 11, 12, 15 and 16, are used for the final reconstruction.

18. Remove all redundant parts, not visible within the formation itself.

High resolution dwf-file

19. Colour all areas corresponding to standing...

High resolution dwf-file

20. ...or to flattened crop, and finish the reconstruction of the Wilton Windmill formation of 22-05-2010.

High resolution dwf-file

21. Notice, that the central angles, associated with the arcs of the various "circular bars", are mutually different, as is shown by the dotted lines (lines 15 and 16). See also details.

Courtesy the Crop Circle Connector
Photo by: John Montgomery
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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