Reconstruction of the
Pewsey White Horse (2) 20-07-2004 formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw and extend the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Construct the circumscribed square of circle 1, one side up.

3. Draw a half diagonal of square 2, from the center of circle 1 to the upper right angular point.

4. Construct a circle centered at the righthand intersection of square 2 and the horizontal centerline, passing through the intersection of circle 1 and line 3.

5. Copy circle 4 three times, consecutively to the righthand intersections with the horizontal centerline, as shown.

6. Copy circle 4 and 5 three times (twelve circles in total), to the corresponding intersections of the other sides of square 2 and of the centerlines, as shown.

7. Copy circle 4 to the center of circle 1.

8. Construct the inscribed square of circle 7, one side up.

9. Construct the inscribed circle of square 8.

10. Copy circle 9 to the center of the rightmost circle 5.

11. Construct a circle concentric to circle 1, tangent to circle 10 at the righthand side.

12. Extend the upper side of square 2 to the right, up to circle 11.

13. Repeat step 12 for the other three sides of square 2 in a symmetric fashion with respect to its center, as shown.

14. Copy circle 9 to the intersection of circle 11 and line 12.

15. Copy circle 9 three times, to the intersections of circle 11 and lines 13.

16. Circles 1, 4, 5, 6, 14 and 15, and the horizontal and vertical centerlines make up all necessary parts for the final reconstruction.

17. Remove all parts invisible in the formation itself.

High resolution dwf-file

18. Colour all areas corresponding to standing...

High resolution dwf-file

19. ...or to flattened crop. This finishes the reconstruction of the Pewsey White Horse (2) formation of 20-07-2004.

High resolution dwf-file

courtesy the Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Steve Alexander
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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