Reconstruction of the
Windmill Hill 18-07-2002 formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Construct the inscribed hexagon (regular 6-sided polygon) of circle 1, pointing to the right.

3. Construct the circumscribed equilateral triangle of circle 1, pointing down.

4. Construct three other circumscribed equilateral triangles of circle 1, pointing up, to the right and to the left.

5. Construct the circumscribed circle of triangles 3 and 4.

6. Construct the inscribed hexagon of circle 5, pointing to the right.

7. Construct another inscribed hexagon of circle 5, pointing up.

8. Draw 7 lines, each from the same point, the angular point of hexagon 2 down right (1), to the three angular points of hexagon 2 to the left of the vertical centerline (2), (5) and (8) respectively, to two intersections of hexagons 6 and 7 (3) and (7), and to angular points of hexagon 6 (6) and 7 (4), as shown in the figure.

9. Construct the inscribed pentagon (regular 5-sided polygon) of circle 5, pointing to the right.

10. Construct 11 more inscribed pentagons of circle 5, such that one angular point of each coincides with a different angular point of triangles 3 and 4. Together with pentagon 9, their angular points divide circle 5 into 60 equal parts.

11. From the same point (1) as in step 8, draw 16 lines to 16 consecutive angular points of pentagons 9 and 10, as shown.

12. Replace lines 8 and 11 with double parallel lines at a short mutual distance. (This distance has not been constructed!).

13. Mirror lines 12 relative to the vertical centerline.

14. Trim away all parts of lines 12 and 13 outside the circular sector as shown.

15. Leave out all parts not visible in the formation.

16. Colour the areas corresponding to standing crop.

17. Copy coloured parts 16 five times and distribute evenly around the main center. This finishes the reconstruction of the Windmill Hill 18-07-2002 formation.

High resolution dwf-file

17a. After a number of days, the formation was partly changed. Were this change carried out fully (all relevant parts involved), the reconstruction of the Windmill Hill 18-07-2002 formation would have looked like this.

High resolution dwf-file

courtesy the Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Colin Andrews
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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