Reconstruction of the
2000 Avebury Trusloe formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. This circle will be divided into 60 equal parts. To do that, first construct a pentagon (regular 5-sided polygon). The construction of this pentagon starts with drawing a line from the upper endpoint of the vertical centerline to the midpoint of a horizontal ray.

3. Draw a circle centered at this midpoint with the previous line as its radius. Then, draw a line from the top endpoint to the cross-point of this circle with the other horizontal ray. This line has the length of the pentagon to be constructed. So, draw another circle, centered at the top endpoint with the last line as its radius. The cross-point with the large circle defines one side of the pentagon (green line).

4. Construct the pentagon.

5. Repeat the construction of another pentagon, now starting at the right endpoint of the horizontal centerline.

6. Construct a hexagon (regular 6-sided polygon), starting at the top endpoint.

7. Repeat constructing hexagons for all corners of both pentagons, ten in total. This forms a 60-pointed star pattern.

8. Draw all the rays to the points of the 60-pointed star. These divide the circle (of step 1) into 60 equal parts.

9. From the top endpoint, draw a line to the endpoint of the 21st ray (from the top) at both sides. Repeat this for the bottom end point, thus mirroring previous lines.

10. The cross-points form both centers in the pattern of the formation.

11. Draw lines to connect both centers with all the 60 points at the circumference of the circle (except for both "horizontal endpoints").

12. To define the outer border circle of the formation, connect every 12th point on the circle, starting at the leftmost endpoint of the horizontal centerline, and expand the lines until they meet to form a 15-pointed star pattern (in fact, there are four of these), as shown.

13. Draw a circle through the points of the star. This forms the outer border of the formation.

14. Making black every other diamond-like pattern like a checker board concludes the reconstruction of the 2000 Avebury Trusloe formation (black represents standing crop).

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Frank Laumen
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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