How to construct a heptagon, a regular 7-sided polygon?

As stated in the constructions page, a heptagon can not be constructed by (strict) ruler-and-compass rule. The practical way to do it is using the coordinates of the angular points and draw it as accurately as needed.

Here are the coordinates, for the orientation as shown:
0.2225 0.9749
0.9010 0.4339
0.9010 0.4339
0.2225 0.9749
0.6235 0.7818

For different orientations, manipulate x- and y-values, as follows:
  • for a heptagon pointing to the left, exchange + and of all values
  • for a heptagon pointing up, exchange x- and y-values
  • for a heptagon pointing down, do both, exchange + and , and exchange x- and y-values
The given coordinate values assume a circumscribed circle with radius 1.0000. For heptagons of different sizes, multiply all x- and y-values with the desired radius of the circumscribed circle.


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